Film production is the process of creating video by capturing moving images, and creating combinations and reductions of parts of a video in live production and post-production. Mono covers a wide range of video services from corporate communication, training and education, filming conferences, products and services, through to motion graphics, animation and special effects.

Mono is a one-stop solution for any film and broadcast requirements.

our work

absa prosper | the girl who rewrote her future

Post-production grading and colour correction for T & W.
This is a story about a girl who refused to accept her fate as someone who’d just have to survive without an education and get by on the minimum for the rest of her life. Sinanziwe finished matric with university exemption in 2012, but her story was far from over. She’s traveled to America, and she’s furthering her studies at the University of Johannesburg. So, what’s next for the girl who rewrote her future?

Grading / colour correction: Kyle Engelsman

chesanyama braamfontein

With the backing of Goldbrands, its undeniable that the success of this new venture to be a fore runner in the fast food industry, is guaranteed. We had the exciting opportunity to capture the launch of this new venture at ChesaNyama Grillhouse Braamfontein.

Director: Brian Mitchell
Post production / grading / VFX: Kyle Engelsman / Rob Band
Cinematographer: Vusi Magubane
Still photography: Warwick Preddy


We at Mono, hold family in the highest regard and realise the importance of getting a great start in life. We jumped at the opportunity to showcase a group of schools doing their best at making a difference in the lives of children.
The Candyland group of schools was first established in 1994 and now consists of 5 early childhood development centres based in the South and East Rand of Johannesburg. Here is the web promo we did.

Cinematographer: Brian Mitchell
Post production / grading / VFX: Kyle Engelsman

good thinking

Here’s a little title sequence we did for Good Thinking. For tips and tricks on audio production, visit their YouTube channel.

Motion graphics: Kyle Engelsman
Audio production: Matthew Garton

chesanyama grillhouse braamfontein

In addition to the launch video, we had the privilege to shoot some great footage during the day as well. This allowed us to get some incredible aerial footage of the Braamfontein skyline in all its glory. Here is a directory video we did for ChesaNyama Grillhouse Braamfontein.

Director: Brian Mitchell
Post production / grading / VFX: Rob Band / Kyle Engelsman
Cinematographer: Vusi Magubane
Music production: Kyle Engelsman

absa prosper | building a better life

Post-production grading, colour correction & music production for T & W.
Through her journey of hard work, perseverance and determination, Deliwe Tibane has laid the foundation for her, her children and their community to prosper. Today, part of her amazing journey is to bring digital classrooms to rural South Africa with the help of the GWF and Absa.

Grading / colour correction: Kyle Engelsman
Music production: Kyle Engelsman / Rob Band

allegiance properties

The success of Allegiance Properties is evident in their rapid growth within the Real Estate Industry, so it was a no brainer for us to jump on board with this collaboration. Our passion for multimedia collides with their passion for service in creating the above promo video, showcasing this fast growing leader in the real estate industry.

Director: Brian Mitchell
Aerial photography: Jaun-claude Pienaar
Post production / grading / VFX: Kyle Engelsman
Voiceover artist: Chilu Lemba
Cinematographer: Brian Mitchell, Jaun-claude Pienaar & Kyle Engelsman
Still photography: Warwick Preddy